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There are so many facets to conservation,. Tiger Conservation means so much to the Pukka Chukkas but we could just as easily have a photograph of a dead elephant.

The greatest threat to the survival of the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Asiatic elephant is their loss of habitat.  Their populations have shrunk vastly over the past fifty years, primarily due to population explosion in the traditional areas in which they are found coupled with poaching. 
The small remaining areas like Chitwan and Bardia need to be protected for all wildlife, not only the tigers and elephants.
One absolutely key aspect of this process is to educate the local villagers of the needs of the jungle, and the imperative requirement to curb poaching. 
This is be done via school education and also through more indirect means such as the work being done by ITNC on numerous conservation projects.
Indeed, over the last couple of years, bicycle polo has gained popularity as a fill in fun game between chukkas of elephant polo following its introduction during WEPA several years ago.
WEPA participants pay a charity fee to enter the bicycle polo event, and purchase a dozen local bicycles to use in the games. After the tournament, in addition the funds raised, the bicycles are handed over to the Buffer zone committee to be used by forest guards to patrol their areas against poaching activity.


Now its time for you to do something about this....


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The Multiple Sclerosis Society

A question we get asked quite regularly is why are The Pukka Chukkas supporting the MS Society? Well, one of our star players has relapsing-remitting MS - if that player can ride an elephant in Nepal in a game of polo, you can donate something to the MS Society! Read More