Jason Wheeler

What can we say about the Chief? Well, he is Founder, Patron and Vice-Captain of The Pukka Chukkas - he is also the coach, master tactician and team travel coordinator. With 7 WEPA World Championships under his belt, the Chief's Team is a former proud holder of the Olympic Quaiche and he is ready for WEPA 2015 to go one stage further!

In his youth he played a bit of rugby, although life in the front row has changed over the years (there was a lot less running around back then, which is fortunate because the Chief is pretty rubbish at running around!).


Simon Race

Simon, the Pukka's beloved Captain, has been with us from the very beginning.  Originally from England, he now calls Perth, Australia, his home and proudly wears the green and gold when supporting his other sporting passion, Rugby. After lifting the WEPA Olympic Quaiche in 2013, Simon is looking forward to more glory in 2015. 

2015 will be Simon's 8th WEPA. The only thing more precious to him than the WEPA World Cup are his two beautiful daughters who no doubt will one day travel to Tiger Tops as part of their wordly exploits, just as he did in his teens when travelling through Northern Asia.


Alex Hamilton

Alex made his Elephant Polo debut at the 2010 world championships.  Sadly unable to join us for his 4th WEPA in 2013, he supported us from the hospital in Sydney where he works as an ophthalmologist.

He cannot wait to get back to Nepal in 2015, back in the saddle and back into the mighty, Olympic Quaiche winning, Pukka outfit!



Michael Eaton

Back for his fourth tournament 2013, Michael played a blinder in attack in 2013, finishing as the Tournaments 4th highest goal scorer and scoring the winning goal in the Olympic Quaiche final. Sadly unable to travel to WEPA 2014 due to his commitments on the pro-tennis circuit in Canada, Meaton has already reserved his seat for WEPA 2015!

Born and raised in the tundra of Canada, Michael has grown up on a diet primarily of bacon and maple syrup.  An avid outdoorsman, he has survived in the wild with just poutine and beer alone! Despite that, its fair to say his most significant and unforgettable contribution to WEPA over the past couple of years was taking over the kitchen at Kathmandu airport and cooking the team cheese and ham toasties while we waited for Yeti Airlines to get their act together - pure class! Always meeting new people and making alliances around the world, there is no place he doesn't call home and rarely has to pay for a hotel room - a truly international houseguest.


Tom Fontaine

Oil man, entrepeneur and philanthropist, Tom joined the Pukka Chukkas in 2011 and has never looked back! Having lived in Canada for 15 years, he knew he could swing a hockey stick and some of his swings of the polo mallet in defence in the 2014 Quaiche Final were reminiscent of the titantic ice hockey battles of days gone by!

Through his Oil & Gas venture Rhino Energy, Tom is not only the sponsor of the Pukka Chukkas MS Bicycle Polo Cup, but is also a key donor and supporter of various educational projects in Southern Nepal.


Gwenni Barrett

The Florence Nightingale paramedic of Perth has honed her elepolo skills and theory over the last five tournaments and in 2012 Captained Mel's Angels to the WEPA Olympic Quaich Final, and in 2013 played a blinder in the final of the Olympic Quaich, helping the Pukka Chukkas to victory, and last year reached the final of WEPA with The Magpies.

As well as being an acclaimed local artist and surrogate mother of five, Gwenni can often be seen hurtling around the streets of Perth behind the wheel of an abulance or on her off days leading her retro bike gang down to the local watering hole.



Melanie Wheeler

Patron and namesake of the Mel's Angels, who came so close to WEPA glory in 2012, Mel was the 2011 Oscar winner for best off-field performance at WEPA and as always she is the beating heart of the Pukka Chukkas.

Melanie has done her share of travelling, and when out and about on the town she especially enjoys eating chocolate and is a huge fan of The Chief's curries!



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