New Sponsorship

The Pukka Chukkas and are delighted to announce our new sponsorship arrangement with ToleHouse - the market leading provider of tailored risk management solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry. For links to our fabulous sponsor, please Click Here


8 Teams at WEPA 2014

The word on the streets of Kathmandu is that this year's WEPA tournament, the 33rd, will have 8 teams competing for the coveted WEPA World Cup and WEPA Olympic Quaiche, which will be held for only the third time in 32 years at Tiger Tops Karnali, on the edge of Bardia National Park. The teams are lead by defending world champions EFG Bank, Tiger Tops Nepal, and Equestrio Arabia, together with the Rusty Kukris, Sri Lanka, The Springboks, Pareto Pirates and, of course, the Pukka Chukkas!


Quality will out...?

In a move which has suprised some of the congnescenti of the sport, EFG Bank have once again drafted in a seasoned horse polo player to bolster their team. Time and the handicapper will tell if that's a wise move for the Swiss team, although many hope it will not also see a return to the use of metal stirrups which many agree was not in the spirit of this ancient game.


Not so Rusty...?

Perhaps to enable them compete with EFG for financial clout, and certainly upping the sartorial stakes, the Rusty Kukris have secured sponsorship from the renowned craftsmen of Jeffery~West....after their narrow defeat to the Pukkas in the Quaiche final, the Kukris will hope to go at least one better this year.