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So you want to play elephant polo?

There are a few things you need to know before you start getting measured for a new pair of riding boots..... We are no longer actively recruiting for the 2013 World Championships – the Dream Team has been selected and they are in training, however injuries happen (the Chief is injured right now!) and we are always on the look out for players to strengthen the squad.

The Pukka Chukkas are, however, definitely recruiting for 2014!

If you think it’s not worth asking if you can be in the team because the Chief probably won’t even reply to your emails, think again! In each of the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 teams, at least one of The Pukka Chukkas joined the team as a direct result of emailing the Chief through this website – all you need to do is Click Here to start the ball rolling.

Our team works as a benign dictatorship – if the Chief likes you, you are in – if not, you ain’t!

We do not discriminate against any sex, religion, faith, nationality etc. but if you are under 18 at the start of the Tournament I’m afraid we will have to say no as there is a teeny bit of alcohol involved in the social events that surround the tournament ;)

There is no upper age limit as the wonderful ladies and gentlemen on the Saga Holidays trip who played a practice game against us will attest!

We absolutely do not discriminate against any disability – one of the Pukka Chukkas has Multiple Sclerosis.

Although we are a "Great Britain" team, we operate a similar selection policy to the England cricket team when it comes to nationality - basically, anybody can join if they can point to the UK on a map!

If you have any Polo experience (elephant or horse) that would be useful, although if you are a 10 handicap horse polo player than we may need to get you a false moustache and a wig! Having said that we have never had a new player who has played either sport so it’s not too important.

Good hand-eye coordination is pretty key : it’s a long way from your eye to the ball when you are on top of a large elephant.

The first thing the Chief will tell you if you contact him is the cost – quite a few people have never replied to that email!

You are more than welcome to bring your partner (or somebody else’s, it’s none of our business!)

With a few very rare exceptions, children are not allowed at Tiger Tops during the tournament.

If you have loads of friends who will sponsor you to help the Pukka Chukkas raise money for the charities we support, that is fantastic – you will be expected to do your bit to spread the word and raise some cash.

If you have loads of rich friends who own businesses that will want to sponsor The Pukka Chukkas, then you can book your tickets now!

The Tournament itself lasts for a week including getting to and from Karnali – add in a day before and after in Kathmandu, plus a day each way to get to and from Kathmandu, and you will need to be able to get away for at least l0 days (and that’s cutting it very fine).

If none of the above has put you off, then drop the Chief an email with a brief bio and a few words about why you think you may be the Pukka Chukka we have been looking for.


We can promise you a reply and who knows, you could be lifting the World Championship Trophy with us in 2013l!