Andy Tan

Andy played two tournaments and rounded off the second of those with a magnificent four goal haul in our final match in 2010 (sadly the only goals he ever scored!). He is a keen all round sportsman, squash player and travel enthusiast. When not taking part in sporting events, Andy enjoys boring people with the endless virtues of renewable energy and Arsenal football club - not necessarily in that order.


Greg Scott

Greg is one of the newest and youngest members of the Pukka Chukkas at a baby faced 24. He originates from South Africa and is a die hard Springbok fan, much to the displeasure of Chief and the other members of the team. He is soon to join the fun world of corporate law in London, where he will be firmly entrenched in Canary Wharf for the next few years. He has spent a great deal of time with elephants around the world in the past, but has not ridden any in a tournament…until now!! He is hugely ambitious with firm intentions to come back with the rest of the team as Elephant Polo World Champions. Whilst being a first timer to the elephant polo circuit, Greg’s hobbies include rugby, cricket, a casual pint, a decent fillet steak and of course Chelsea FC.


Simon "Flash" Ashton

This 30 year career, oilfield hand & executive has travelled the world extensively and currently claims to be 1/3rd British, Dutch and now Australian. He often can’t decide which suits him best but is often dependent upon the sport he is involved in. He mostly claims to be just your normal, middle aged adventurer (fast approaching 50) having recently completed the Kilimanjaro climb, the Kokoda Track, Kalimantan trek and NZ South Island alps crossing. His elephant riding experience consists mainly of sedate holiday strolls in Thailand but as a paid up gym junkie, tennis player and cricket tragic he reckons that 2 days of practice should ease him into polo with few problems!!


Philip Rand

Philip is possibly the oldest Pukka Chukka, but will endeavour not to let this show and has ridden a lot of things in his time, but never an elephant. His job in oil exploration takes him around the world, especially West Africa and he has been known to bump into (not literally) The Chief, in Pat’s Bar in Lagos. This travelling can tend to get in the way of his main hobby which is paying for his wife Anne to go on holiday. Allegedly, he sometimes even manages to accompany her!


Andrew Young

In 50 BCE the Greek geographer Pomponius Mela conjectured a vast southern continent, Great South Land or Terra Australis Incognita, whose existence was necessary to balance the mass of the northern continents. It is in this historical context that the Pukka Chukkas came across Australia’s most accomplished potential Elephant Polo player, Andrew Young. It is clear from the ancient Greek definition of POLO, being “PO” from pole and LO meaning “downunder”, that one from the land of stockmen and kangaroos would possess the necessary balance and prowess for Elephant Polo. Andrew's bio would not be complete without a rendition of his song :) When you work to earn a living La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Free your mind.


Mark Jeffrey

Mark came to Jordan in 2005,
History and culture to a cockney chav.

He learned to speak some Arabic,
Despite appearances, he ain't so thick.

Football coach extraordinaire,
Double chin and spikey hair.

Always mean to all his staff,
But guaranteed to make them laugh.

And now this object of hilarity,
Is playing polo for a charity.

He'll climb up on his elephant,
And strut his stuff (the silly man!).

He quit the tabs and took up running,
Cause he knew this tournament was coming.

He'll raise a smile, he'll raise a gin,
Cos the The Pukkchukkas are going to win!


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